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Doctors without jobs as Canadians face long wait times


We couldn't help but notice a story published a week ago today in newspapers across Canada pointing out that more doctors are without jobs while more patients are waiting longer! This is exactly the kind of absurdity Canadians must deal with when it comes to healthcare.

The article refers to a study by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons that 16 per cent of specialist physicians are unable to find work in Canada. Although the study examined multiple causes for these unemployed specialists, it determined that the main factor is actually the lack of access to resources, such as hospitals and their operating rooms, beds, etc. Can anybody guess the cause of "lack of access" to resources? OK, we'll spell it out for you: Government rationing of health care funding. We thought it might be worth mentioning here, since the Postmedia article stopped short of spelling it out as clearly.

Click here to view the full article by Jessica Barrett as published last week.


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Tracy, Port Coquitlam, BC wrote 6 years ago

Meanwhile, children with known growths inside their inner ear causing balance issues, while this growth continues to grow larger still must wait these ridiculous long waits to get an MRI at children’s hospital, or surgery times to remove it! There are sick children and adults who need treatment but the government sits in their arse while people suffer! Absurd! Doctors feel helpless and angry that they can’t help their patients. There is a huge need for more family physicians too.

John, Halifax, NS wrote 9 years ago

This is so true. Just look at the wait list in orthopedics, GI, psychiatry, neuro.....etc and the are no job opportunities. Just imagine if a private company ran a business in this manner. OMG
This governments attitude is what the public don't know won't hurt them. Canadians are too passive until they get themselves get sick, only then do they realize the scale of this travesty

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