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After coming down with a rare condition that completely diabled me...

Justin, Abbotsford, BC

February 16th, 2016


After coming down with a rare condition that completely diabled me at the age of 29 yrs old I was distraught trying to find answers. My Dr. put me on wait lists with specialists that were over a year long. I had to pay in order to see these specialists sooner and even then they were unable to help. I have a complex chronic disease which keeps me housebound now. The program that will supposedly help is a 2 yr waitlist. Since then I have been diagnosed with another condition that we do not even have a specialist in BC to help test and treat. I have had to seek medical care outside of BC in order to get help. I have been told by Drs and health services in BC that we lose most of our highly specialized physicians to the US and a great deal of nurses as well.

I know this to be true. I was healthy, young, university educated, successful and I know life isn't always fair but our medical system is in absolute shambles if you become sick with anything other than a mainstream type illness. We lack Dr. specialists and nurses and yet we live in the most expensive place to live in, in the world, Vancouver BC. We pay such high taxes and the government and health authorities cannot even look after their citizens. It's truly sad.

I think by removing the ability for people to pay out of pocket for private healthcare in BC or Canada for that matter is not right. We should not even have to pay in the first place. We should not have to wait in 1 to 2 year waitlist while disease progression takes place. But unfortunately our governments and health authorities do not have the ability to solve the problems that plague the ill throughout BC and Canada. This is part of the reasons why we lose our specialists to the US.


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