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I am an active energetic 76 year old retired marine engineer...

Raymond, Vanderhoof, BC

May 15th, 2017


Good morning

I am an active energetic 76 year old retired marine engineer in good physical/medical health
As a senior living in Vanderhoof BC I have become totally frustrated being directly effected by the recent news re operation waiting lists in current northern newspapers,additionally the BC Gov’t. Ministry of Health web site.

To date surgery wait times stating 180 days for Orthopaedic surgeries has and is proven to be misleading and incorrect.
Approx in 2002 I was diagnosed with advanced Austio Arthritis in the left knee.
At that time l was informed that my only choice was High Tibia Osteotomy surgery, as I was too young for knee replacement as current medical knee technology,a knee replacement would probably only last 10 to 15 years. Subsequently the Orthopedic surgeon performed a High Tibia Osteotomy as day surgery performed at Abbotsford General Hospital.

Now approx to 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Austio Arthritis,in the right knee.

I have non insulin diabetes which I have controlled by diet and exercise,and have maintained my diabetes condition my good health well within limits for over three years

With advanced Austio Arthritis the advancing deterioration of my right knee has severely effected the condition of Austio Arthritis deterioration on my left knee as well.
My current physical condition on both knees has presently degenerated to the point of increased pain medication,coupled with drastically reduced walking distances,including fitted quality medical brace supports on both knees. Additionally I have very limited mobility up and down stairs.

Recent X Rays on both the left and right knees now confirm continued deterioration.

Note – As previously stated the BC Gov’t.Ministry of Heath web site surgery wait times are incorrect.

The wait time for knee replacement surgery starts only the day after the medical assessment.and is also based on priority schedules of their current patients. Additional Prince George Orthopaedic surgeons have confirmed surgery operating room wait times.

After referral by my GP I waited 6 mos.for an Orthopaedic surgeon assessment who then confirmed that I required a right knee replacement. My next surprise in my case was being informed that the earliest schedule for a knee replacement would be a minimum of 730 to 912 days,(2 to 2 1/2 years). In my personnel opinion this is ludicrous that BC Ministry of Health Gov’ of 180 days surgery wait times are in actuality four to five times longer.

With the current existing surgery wait times my physical and medical health is put into jeopardy,as each month goes by,taking into account to the point of denial of surgery due to possible deterioration of my medical health due to a 28 months surgery delay waiting.

In summation I am saddened and disappointed that the BC Ministry of Health statement of surgery waiting appear to be intentionally incorrect compared to their claim of Gov’t.180 days. At present in my opinion Prince George Orthopaedic patients are being medically penalised by incorrect Ministry of Health wait times which directly effects our health and welfare.

Thank You for allowing me to express my concerns and opinion.


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T, Port Coquitlam, BC wrote 6 years ago

That is absolutely ridiculous! I am so sore for your pain and suffering. Maybe a class action lawsuit against government on the health care system is something we can all get together and do? We pay taxes, what is the government doing with all our money? They sure don’t give us our healthcare we pay for!!

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