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I am really disappointed in our Health Services...

margaret, Maple Ridge, BC

February 1st, 2019


I am really disappointed in our Health Services as we work all our lives in good health and then when we need the services the wait time is long enough that you would be dead before your appointment comes up.

Our Health Services are diabolical and a joke. Wait times at hospital emergency rooms are non existent - they think putting you in a hallway somewhere no-one will be aware of the numbers in line. I sat in Emergency and I was doing okay and prepared to wait but shortly after I arrived a lady came in and it was obvious she wasn't feeling too good. They wouldn't give her a pillow to place her arm on to make it easier for her. Her name was called and she struggled to walk to the cubicle. 5.5 hrs later she moves into the hall where I am still sitting. She fell and hurt herself. A few hours later I saw her again - she had broken her foot and her arm and they also thought her other arm was broken as well but she was told to come back the next day for another scan to confirm it. They didn't even help put any support on her leg. This is our medical services for you.

The nurses try their hardest but I can completely understand their sometimes shortness with people. They work long, long, hours and don't get breaks - I'd like to know the numbers who suffer PTSD as there will be lots.

We should be allowed access to private healthcare that is covered by our medical. I could go on and on with other aspects of what has happened in the last few years and it is not a pretty picture.


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