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Before re-outlawing my right to choose my health care system...

Maureen, Port Coquitlam, BC

May 12th, 2019


Before re-outlawing my right to choose my health care system I would like the government to show me the quality of the options they are offering.

What is wrong with me having health care choices? I can choose the quality of where l live, what school my children go to and what food l eat. Why should I have to tolerate what I consider poor quality health care?

I was recently involved with a survey designing a letter which would tell people where they are on the wait list for their required care. One question asked if I thought a second letter might be appropriate during a very long wait. Obviously a very long wait is someone’s idea of normal.

I want health care when I decide it’s needed. If the taxes I already pay can’t do that I think I have the right to get it where I can.


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