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Canada is a 4th world country as far as medical services are concerned

Andy, Abbotsford, BC

February 9th, 2021


When I returned from vacation in April of 2020, I noticed rapid medical deterioration in three areas of my body over the next 3 months.
Because of COVID-19 and our useless Medical system, I was unable to get an appointment with my Dr. until the first week of November. By that time, the situation was getting out of hand. My Dr. referred me to a specialist so I waited for a call. NO call by the first week of December so I called my Dr. again to confirm that the referral had indeed been made.
The answer was affirmative. Still no call from the specialist by the end of December to even tell me when my consultation would be. I called my Dr. again to push the issue.
I finally made the decision to go out of country to get done what was needed and face possible exposure rather than die from this!
In less than a week, I had a full body scan, an MRI, full blood work, a pre-op ECG and consultation with a cardiac specialist and a pre-op PCR test which was required.
3 days later I had a 4 hr. surgery - very successful, my first set of stiches out in 7 days, the second set in 15 days, the pathologist report in 8 days and a Dr. who changed all of my bandages everyday including Sundays!
All of this for less than $3000 USD.
By the way, I finally got a call from the specialist in late January when all of this was already complete say my appt. would be in late April and that is only for that set. The next specialist would be another 6 months and booking surgery may well be into 2022!
I told my out-of-country surgeon this...she said it may have become inoperable by that time.
Canada is a 4th world country as far as medical services are concerned. I fully support private health care in Canada.
This helps to take the burden off of the public and SAVES LIVES!


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