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Due to the extremely long wait for surgery I now have permanent nerve damage

Perry, Edmonton, AB

October 13th, 2016


I have a bulging disc that has my sciatic nerve caught between the L4 and L5 vertebrae which has caused severe pain in my lower back, leg, buttock pain, severe Charlie horses in my upper thigh, calf, ankle and foot. I have been going through this for over five years. After paying for my own MRI's, physio, cortisone injection into my back and nerve with no relief for any longer than 3 days, the specialist decided that surgery was my only option. After waiting for over a year and a half for surgery I found out that it was being pushed again for another 4-6 months, maybe. I cannot get a job as no company will hire me due to my back and if I do not disclose that in an interview and they find out later I will be fired! I have had no choice but to come up with over $12,000.00 to pay for my surgery at a private clinic in Vancouver. The surgeon upon examination determined that due to the extremely long wait for surgery I now have permanent nerve damage. I have numbness in my thigh, shin and top of my foot due to the nerve damage which will likely not get any better. Our health care system is so fractured it will not likely get fixed in my doctors opinion. Government needs to pay attention to what really matters. Oh by the way I am only 39 years old, is the government going to look after me if I can't work? I highly doubt it. I know I am not alone. Please fix our health care system quickly.


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Ron, Edmonton, Alberta wrote 5 years ago

Our prime minister and our Alberta premier are to busy getting our new cannabis facilities in operation to be concerned about healthcare. Perhaps we should vote for a responsible government in the next elections to perhaps change things for the better.

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