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For God's sake... let the patient make a choice...

Amanda, Orleans, ON

October 20th, 2014


For God's sake... let the patient make a choice and pay if they want. It is a win win as it unclogs the wait times and also allows the person to get the surgery faster. If you work and earn money, you should be able to pay for things you want and need. Canada is becoming a dictatorship and I find the doctors are desperately trying to save money and the patient pays. I have actually been told my gallbladder attacks are not bad enough yet to warrant surgery. I had an MRI with contrast as I had hip pain. I saw the orthopedic doctor and he said although there is "minimal fraying of my hip labrum" he is not sending me for surgery and II should just modify my daily life. I pay health care taxes!! Internet research shows a frayed labrum is the first start to it ripping and/or an arthritic hip. I am a very healthy and active 39 year woman!! What activities should I modify?

The fact I do a normal amount of exercise and strength training 6 days a week to stay healthy? It is so stupid. I hate universal health care. How many times have I crossed to NY for health care and to actually have a specialist spend more than 3 minutes with me and explain things to me. Hate to say it but the NY health care is amazing and not that pricey. For $1000 I got an MRI , an appt with a neurologist same day as well as full diagnoses on the MRI and the doctor discussing my options with me for an hour. I pay likely $6000 or more in health care in Ontario and am made to suffer through gallbladder attacks and live with a frayed labrum in the hip. All to save the health care system money. Have two tiered system and face it that there will always be have nots and the haves. You cannot get away from it.

So make the current health care system less clogged and let us haves pay if we want. What happened to democracy? If I work and make money, I should be able to have choices. Especially when it comes to my damn health.


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