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The government has no problem offering "access" to unsavory products...

Marie, Calgary, AB

October 29th, 2015


The government has no problem offering consumers " access" to unsavory products such as alcohol, cigarettes and most recently they are even offering consumers access to marijuana by legalizing it!! But yet they won't offer us "access" to additional medical services that would improve our health & wellness & productivity even if we prioritize this enough to spend our own money on it! Governments should not be able to DICTATE how we spend our hard earned money. Accessing additional medical services is a positive thing for our health, wellness & our productivity. Why is that a bad thing? I would expect the government to want to help us improve our health & wellness & productivity NOT for the government to stand in our way to a better quality of life.

Governments should also realize that if people cannot get what they want in Canada in terms of medical services they will go to the US or other countries regardless of what the government dictates. So, why not make it easier for people to tap into these services right here in our own country & keep the business here in Canada? Time for our government to be more progressive & move out of the dark ages. Our current system is not working fast enough. Countries all over the world are offering supplemental medical services - why are we so slow to realize there is a need & a demand for these services by people who want to be well, healthy & productive in our society. The other benefit is that it frees up spaces & expedites access in the public system & provides more access to those who can't or don't want to pay for services.
This system is actually a win win situation for all parties involved.


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