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He was in complete shock that it had taken 10 months...

William, Cranbrook, BC

September 23rd, 2018


Our son suffered a crushed heel cup from a high fall. The initial trauma was repaired as well as could be expected given the severity of the injury however he suffered from significant pain and impaired mobility for 3 years afterwards. After waiting for many months to see the specialists at our regional hospital, they felt that they could not guarantee improvement and that he should just learn to live with it.

My wife found the Cambie clinic online and they agreed to see us. The surgeon at the Cambie clinic also indicated that there was not much chance for improved mobility but was confident the pain could be reduced by shaving the contact points between the ankle and foot as well as fusing the joint. The surgery was performed two months later and has been a success far beyond what we had hoped for.

Our son also had his index finger bent backwards while wrestling with a friend. The finger was locked at about a 15 degree angle down from the rest of his fingers and could not be raised. We waited 6 months to see an orthopedic surgeon, had multiple x-rays and ultrasounds with no results. The surgeon said the wait time to operate was significant but he had no other answers.

We got a referral to the Cambie clinic, flew down to Vancouver 10 months after the injury. The doctor examined the hand and told us that without opening it up he couldn`t say much from the x-rays. We asked when this could happen and he checked his schedule and told us he`d had a cancellation and that if we changed our flight home he would operate the next morning. Finger fixed perfectly. He was in complete shock that it had taken 10 months, in hindsight we should have not even tried with the regional hospital and gone directly to the Cambie clinic.


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