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I was informed by a Registered Physiotherapist that I may have sustained a...

Charlene, Vancouver, BC

March 23rd, 2017


I was informed by a Registered Physiotherapist that I may have sustained a full tear in my right anterior cruciate ligament. However, I was told by my physician I may have to wait for up to two years (or longer) for a MRI to confirm the physiotherapist's assessment. My solution? I requested and was given a (physician) referral to the Fraser Valley MRI Centre. I paid approximately $800.00 (out of my own pocket) and I was scheduled for an MRI in two days!

In my personal opinion, I think that long waitlists are a barrier to care for some health care services (including but not limited to MRIs) and that Canadians should be able to (continue to) pay for health care services if they choose to do so.


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Vivian, Vancouver, BC wrote 7 years ago

I fully agree that we need a private insurance system to allow those who can afford it, to pay for their test or even surgeries instead of waiting and getting sicker. We are the only country in the word that does not have a private system. If I choose to get my knee surgery done privately, I should not have to go to another country. If I get off the waiting list, another person moves up on that list, Right now, I have waited 5 months and needed Cortisone injections for the pain twice. Now I am told that the surgeon will not operate for 3 months after the cortisone injection, but I still don't have a date.

The surgeon doesn't even know how many hours he has in the operating room until one month ahead.

Operating rooms stand empty after 5 pm because our system can't afford the needed staff.

If we are all supposed to be so equal, then why do Workers's compensation cases, public employees and even jail inmates have priority over us suffering average Canadians, even if we want to pay for the extra insurance. It is a shame that our system is one of the most expensive and ineffective in the world !!

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