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My son had to leave his apprenticeship after only 3 months

Jo, North Vancouver, BC

August 25th, 2018


My son had to leave his apprenticeship after only 3 months, it was a long term dream of his but he injured his thumb during a Rugby game and couldn't hold onto anything after 3 months apparently it wasn't bad enough for surgery and he is still having problems 18 months on!...this is a young person at the beginning of their life....The law looks to purpose what is the purpose of providing health care? Short answer is so people get health care end of story!

The purpose is not so Canada can continue to provide free health care that is totally missing the legal purpose when a large majority of Canadians are not getting the health care they need to sustain their lives or be able to provide for themselves because of injuries not getting fixed... If the government can't afford it stop hiding behind an outdated system and standing by it so the "Fair to all" Canada can exist... I lived in Australia with 4 children and used a combination of both private and public health care, it works!


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