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One word: bureaucracy

Aldo, Sherwood Park, Alberta

January 12th, 2017


What possible, logical cause can be provided for the current state of our health care system? One word: bureaucracy.

As always the positive first. If a person has cancer, a heart attack, or some life threatening illness our system is responsive.

If a person (please read person not number) has a quality of life issue it's different. For 3 years I've been bounced around from GPs to Orthos, fed anti inflammatory pills and cortisone shots. A few of those Drs, in fairness have offered what help they can within the confines of the system but options are limited. Govt run anything cannot be progressive, that's a historical fact.

For 31 years I've been paying taxes while taking care of myself and trying not to be a burden on the system. Now that I need help in return it's the constant chase. To add insult paying for timely care is prohibited. Who gives bureaucrats and politicians the right to control my right to care?

Simply put if a 100% Govt. controlled system is not working change it. Not random, knee jerk change or band aids but look at what other countries do and take the approach or some blend that works. I have the right to live pain free minus the pills. Or do I?


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