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I pay more in taxes...

Barry, Langley, BC

February 11th, 2020


I pay more in taxes per pay cheque than what I'm going to receive on EI. I'm only covered for 15 weeks but government wants to put me on waiting lists for up 9 months for surgery which with recovery time ,wait time with specialist, MRI... that put me over a year for surgery/ recover! I'm going to have to go to Alberta for surgery now which costs $11,000.

The BC government would lose the cost of 4 of these surgeries just in lost tax, not to mention the paper work, EI payments, me and my families troubles for a year. My company's losses as I'm a 22 year employee/millwright with the company. This is just crazy! Should I go on with giving our money to Alberta don't get me started, or worse go to the US.


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