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The system we face now is either broken or not performing

John, Kelowna, B.C.

May 5th, 2015


I am a healthy 67 year old, male, right leg above knee amputee, having been diagnosed with Osteo Arthritis which has lent to destroying my left hip. My GP has told me that I require a full hip replacement.

I have never ' taken ' from the medical system. I pay for my prosthetics, which used to run $ 10,000 and am now told MY cost will be $ 67,000. Correct, MY COST.

I was referred to a Orthopedic Surgeon Feb.11/15. I've yet to hear from him so as to set up an appointment. I believe the process will be that my Specialist will refer me to the hospital for a MRI. My understanding is that I can expect a wait in the range of 6 or more months. How long the line is for actual surgery I presume I'll face perhaps a year or more. In all likelihood I will pay privately for an MRI if I can get my Specialist to indicate what he will need to see. I expect to pay a private clinic in the range of $1200 for my MRI.

I have been a tax paying BC resident for 67 years. I own a business that brings in excess of 12 million annually to our country. We have a payroll that has close to 50 tax paying citizens.

I can't even get to speak with a Specialist let alone discuss many, many questions I have about the relative rehab. I'v not been able to secure information that explains how a person that has one leg, deals with an operation that takes the one leg out of operation.

I have little, if any terms of reference. The kicker is that I have friends in the US medical field and can get my surgery there, within a week of putting the money up front. These are Specialists I'm referring to, not a medical mill.

My annoyance comes from A. not having anyone that can answer my questions, B. Having to wait and suffer pain that is beyond words.  Yet, the US system will welcome people like me.

Is it a matter of money, not in my case. Although my business is International, I truly try to support Canada in every manner possible. I'm not getting the same in return from our system. I will most likely, out of desperation, end up in a USA hospital, as I believe it is very unhealthy to have the pain I'm having 24/7.

I would fully support Private Health Care in BC or Canada, as it certainly appears the system we face now, is either broken or not performing.


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