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The system is terrible and causes people much pain...

Juliet, North Vancouver, BC

June 19th, 2017


I finally had my right hip replacement on the 11th April/17. I was told that l would have to wait 10 months for my initial visit to the orthopaedic surgeon so because I was in so much pain decided to see him privately which I was able to do within a week of the request, this was April 2016. this cost over $600 for a 30 minute consultation. I was told I would have to wait 6 months from this visit for my surgery. This turned into a year exactly. I am now hoping to have my left hip done by the end of 2017. My surgeon told me that this should be possible. However, when I spoke to his assistant, she told me that Lions Gate Hospital had cancelled some of her summer surgey dates due to to a lack of nurses in the OR. This mean't at least 6 people who were scheduled for the summer now have to wait until the end of the summer when the nurses should be back from their summer vacations. She will not be able to give me a date until later in the year.
I do not understand why the hospitals cannot schedule their staff better and have more operating rooms available all year round.

So now I have to wait again not knowing when my surgery will be scheduled. This means I cannot make plans to do anything else. I already am in pain again from the left hip, and who knows when it will be done. I am 77 and do not wish to spend the rest of my days in unnessessary pain.

The system is terrible and causes people much pain which they do not need to go through.
I would say however, that once in the hospital my surgeon and all the staff did a fabulous job and my right hip is healing fast.
Thank you


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