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It's appropriate for us all to suffer? How very sad is that?

Annie, Vancouver, BC


In this country with the amazing doctors we have, people from other countries should be coming here and spending their money for our expertise - instead we taxpaying Canadians can't get the services we need just to get on with life. In our universally inaccessible system (unless you are dying) apparently it is appropriate for us all to suffer equally....How very sad is that?

Then last fall my husband need 'urgent' neck surgery. If had a fall and hit his head he could have ended up a paraplegic. His 'urgent' surgery was cancelled twice and then we were told that his surgeon at the time (one of BC's top OS) only had 3 days operating time in the month and that he didn't know when my husband could be scheduled in - probably another three months. To be told 18 hours before serious neck surgery that it is cancelled is bad enough, but to be told that it couldn't even be rescheduled is even worse and it is unacceptable. By changing surgeons he has managed to now have the surgery done. He moved here in 1999 and has paid many, many thousands of dollars in taxes and wonders why he has never yet been able to access timely healthcare.


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