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We don't know where to turn for help.

Coco, Gatineau, QC

October 24th, 2014


This is my boyfriend's story. Need to share. We don't know where else to turn for help. Will try to shorten but include as much info for ease of understanding our position/story. We are in Quebec. Government Health Plan. Boyfriend Steph was motorcyclist in Aug 2007. Exiting off ramp when he came face to face with a Dodge Charger going the wrong way, with only 20 feet to react. On impact, Steph's groin impacted onto full gas tank, right leg also, he flew over Charger to land in middle of street on his back.

He crawled on hisbelly to grassy area to avoid being run over by vehicles coming off offramp of highway. Driver of charger left scene, to be tracked by witness forcing his return before police arrived. Injuries...crushed testicles, multiple fractures to right left, above and below knee, bone fragments in leg tissue, hole in kneecap, acl tear, meniscus tear (although not sure if related to impact or wait time for surgery.). Bleeding from every orifice. Believe or not ... no external signs of injury... all internal. Coughing up blood. Refered to ortho surgeon 2.5 hours away. Had to wait till Feb 2010 for surgery for acl reconstruction, meniscus removal. In pain and unable to work during wait time. Intensive physical therapy started following day which was crazy. He had been complaining of pain since surgery. Saying something was not right. After provincial doctor cleared him to return to work, and after several visits to surgeon with complaints of pain... insurer stopped paying salary Aug 2013.

Surgeon FINALLY ran tests in OCT 2013 confirming surgery screws no longer where they should be, recommending further surgery, but SAAQ still refusing to reinstate salary despite surgery recommendation. I am helping support as he cannot work, cannot walk far, knee keeps buckling,severe pain. we are now Oct 2014.... still waiting for surgery and insurer still denying weekly income disability benefits. At wit's end with our Canadian Health Care and Government Insurance.... oh yes... did I mention no right to sue for pain and suffering in Quebec?


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