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As of February 2015, Over 1 million Canadians are on a waitlist. To fix this we need help with our constitutional challenge which is set for upcoming trial.

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8 days ago via Twitter @BCSurgeons Well said. This sounds way too familiar and is exactly the sort of information we're trying to get into the hands of patients.
8 days ago via Twitter @doctorfullerton @CharterHealth Unfortunately, your point is so very true...
9 days ago via Twitter Julie from Kamloops just submitted her story on our site. Forced to wait 2 years for surgery. Just awful. Read here:
9 days ago Posted in Patients I am so frustrated and frightened regarding what is happening to me.
by Julie in Kamloops, BC
10 days ago via Twitter RT @doctorfullerton: Submit your stories @CharterHealth Has your surgery been delayed, denied, cancelled?How has your care been affected? …

To cut a long story short...

  1. We need a health care system that focuses on the needs of patients. Not one that serves politicians, ministry bureaucrats, hospital workers, or health professionals.
  2. Patients should *not* have to sue for access. Governments appear to believe that Canadians can be legally forced to wait, suffer, and even die while they wait for care.
  3. At present, the patient is a servant of the system. That's backwards. It is time to change current Canadian policies which offer financial incentives to discourage the treatment of patients. The health system should serve the patient. Let's reward performance and patient satisfaction. Let's promote excellence. Let's incentivize health providers to deliver successful outcomes, which will also reduce wait times.
  4. The poor in Canada have the worst access to care and the worst outcomes. Doctors, like judges, have a duty to rise above political debate and outline the truth. Our system is 30% private. We already have multiple user fees. The system is inequitable and multi-tiered. There is no national drug or dental plan. Health care and new technology are being rationed.
  5. The current Canadian health scheme is founded on irrational rationing. Canadians are actually paying to prevent patients from getting better. The prevention of patients getting better is not what people mean when they talk about "preventative medicine".
  6. Patients have a right to know which doctors and which hospitals perform best. Arm patients and their families with knowledge and the power to make their own informed decisions and the health system will improve. As competition and creativity are introduced into the field of health care, efficiency will rise and costs will fall.

Now you know part of our story, it's time to hear yours.
Welcome to the Charter Health Project.

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Every bit of support for our constitutional challenge counts. Our goal is to have all patients granted the right, under the Canadian Charter, to care for themselves or their loved one’s health when government fails to do so. This is a right enjoyed by the citizens of every other country on Earth.

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